The Mission of Green Valley Auctions

The mission of Green Valley Auctions and Green Valley Moving is to serve God, bringing honor and glory to Him; to serve our customers, respecting them as ourselves and putting their interests above our own; to serve our employees, providing an environment in which they can grow professionally and personally; and to serve our community, having a positive impact on our neighbors.

Greg Evans, owner of Green Valley Auctions, with his parents - the founders

Inspiration for Our Mission Statement

When Green Valley Auctions was started in 1967 by my parents, Leighton and Kathryn Evans, my father’s goal was simple: to provide for his family and be his own boss. He saw a need (a place to hold auctions indoors) in the community; he looked at his resources (he had a barn); and Green Valley was born with the first auction taking place only a few months after a bouncing baby auctioneer, named Greg (I was really cute) was born. I grew up working in the family business. Friday nights weren’t about football, they were about auctions. It was obvious at a young age that the business was in my blood. I would sneak into my sister’s room and load her dollhouse furniture into my Tonka U-Haul truck.

Now in 2015 (six years after I became sole owner and added the moving division), Green Valley finally has a written mission statement. While my parents never had a formal mission statement, the unwritten rule was to be honest, treat people right and do the best job possible. As I watch my kids work in the business, I realize what an impact those unwritten rules had on my life. I pray that this written mission statement will have such an impact on my kids, my employees and beyond.

How did Dad’s simple three-part goal in 1967 turn out? 1) To fill a need in the community: in 2014 we registered 11,389 bidders, served 812 consignors and sold 64,052 separate lots. 2) To be his own boss: in 1972 he started the Green Valley Book Fair which quickly outgrew the auction. 3) To provide for his family: now closer to 45 families between all the businesses.

Thanks, Mom and Dad


The Foundation:

  • To run a business that would honor and bring glory to God. Psalm 86:12
  • To put God first in all things and treat and respect others as ourselves. Matthew 22:37- 40
  • To value others and put their interest first. Philippians 2:3-4
  • To care for and serve others not because of what they can do for us, but because of what God has already done for us. 1 John 4:19-21
  • To provide a work environment where our employees can grow both professionally and personally.
  • To show grace & love to everybody, all the while staying true to our beliefs. Matthew 9:10- 13, Romans 12:2
  • To be an example to our community and have a positive impact on our neighbors. Matthew 5:14-16

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