History of Green Valley Auctions

In 1967, my parents Leighton and Kathryn Evans started Green Valley, holding the first auction on a spring Friday night in the old bank barn on the family farm. My father grew up stacking hay and walking across the beams of this 100+ year old barn; now he was transforming it into an auction barn. The granary quickly became the office, the big mow (hayloft) was set up for display and the main bay was reserved for customers to set up their chairs. A quick phone call to our neighbor, who farmed the land (today his son farms it), and plans were made. We would simply pen the cows up in another field and folks could park in the pasture. For the next 15 years we chased cows every Friday morning before an auction.

Original Barn at Green Valley AuctionsIn 1971, my parents added the Green Valley Book Fair. Once again the old barn was put to use as homemade tables we

re filled with used books. As the Book Fair grew, new books were added and soon they removed the mangers in the basement of the barn to make room for shelves of books.

1985 was a landmark year for me as I graduated high school and purchased a share of Green Valley Auction. We also built our first modern building on the farm - complete with indoor plumbing (until then porta-potties were provided). Green Valley Auctions and Book Fair shared this 8,000 square foot building until 1997, when we opened our current 22,000 square foot auction house.

In 2009 I became the sole owner of Green Valley Auctions and started Green Valley Moving as well. As I reflect on all of the changes and growth that have taken place over the years, I’m also reminded of all of the similarities. What started as a family business is still a family business. My four sons work summers and auctions just like I used to and my wife Elizabeth works alongside me year round. I am truly blessed to be able to call Green Valley home.

Greg Evans,
Green Valley Auctions & Green Valley Moving

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