Looking Back And Moving Forward


Green Valley Auctions began because my father saw the need for an indoor auction facility. Every Friday night we held an auction in the old bank barn on our family farm. It quickly became a place for folks from all over to gather, to socialize, catch up on life, eat delicious home cooked food and maybe even bid on or buy “a treasure”. The buildings changed over the years, but we worked hard at maintaining and even expanding the “gathering place”. The auction barn has many fond memories for me: Grandma’s food, the weekly regulars who became like family, the bats flying in the rafters; all are part of what made growing up in the barn so great.


Brought changes for Green Valley as we left the old barn for a larger new building, complete with indoor plumbing. Our auctions grew both in merchandise and crowds. We still worked hard at maintaining relationships, with our regulars sitting in their lawn chairs every Friday, but this new facility helped us reach even more people. We built new relationships and expanded our reach into the community.


Marked the year we moved to our current building. In 2009, in the middle of a major recession which caused housing and antique markets to crash, I became sole owner of Green Valley Auctions. We couldn’t control the market, so we worked on what we could control: our gathering place. We moved and expanded our kitchen area, adding dining tables to make it more welcoming; and we focused on relationships. Over the next 10 years people came to every Friday auction mostly to socialize, catch up on life, eat some amazing home cooked food and maybe bid on or buy “a treasure” at the auction.

Brewster with mask


Covid-19 hit hard and the world came to a crashing halt. Fortunately we had already introduced our Online Auction App, so we were able to continue auctions online. It was important to us to be able to keep serving our communities and keep our full time staff working. As the two month shutdown became a 4 month shutdown, it became apparent that we were in for a long haul. We implemented a mask required policy for safety and worked diligently to make changes to our facilities and our procedures to accommodate our customers and our clients. One year and 88 online auctions later and I have discovered something very surprising: Relationships are growing! We are reaching more new people than ever before and all the while staying connected with our “old” auction friends.


Caused us to reflect on the previous year and presented us with the need to look at the future. We took the opportunity to expand to yet one more building. Our new Warehouse is officially complete and it will work in conjunction with our main auction house as we continue presenting 2 weekly online auctions. As we move forward, we will continue to focus on relationships; however, this will mostly take place during our preview and pickup days. We envision live auctions again in the future when things are back to “normal”, but they will be smaller in size, with the focus remaining on online auctions. We are so glad that you are here. Old or new customer, we value you and we enjoy the times that we get to see you come through the front door. Thank you for sticking with us in this season of change and learning to adapt and grow with us.

By elizabeth

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