Premature Start

We know what you’re thinking. October hits and Green Valley goes full blown Christmas on everyone when we haven’t even had a moment’s time to get out our fall decorations or carve a pumpkin. Listen, as much as we like Christmas, putting up the tree in October isn’t necessarily our favorite thing but it marks the start of truly, one of our favorite times of year and there’s a reason it requires a premature start. Operation Christmas Child!

Can It Still Be Done?

We’ve had the discussion about how we could still collect shoe boxes this year. I have even wondered, ‘will we get any?’, ‘will they want to help us?’ The truth of the matter is, I don’t know. This year has shown us over and over again how difficult living in the midst of a pandemic can be. How can the whole world shut down but people would still be willing to pack a shoe box and drop it off? I whole-heartedly believe that Franklin Graham said it best when he said, “Yes, in the middle of a pandemic we are going to do ministry.” And this embodies exactly how we feel here at Green Valley, and it could probably go hand in hand with one of the foundations of our mission statement, “To care for and serve others not because of what they can do for us but because of what God has already done for us.” 1 John 4: 19-21.


Yes, this year has been challenging and the end in sight seems to have yet to make itself known. Yes, packing shoe boxes might be at the end of your list (maybe even at the end of ours because work and life has far exceeded what we know as “busy” and down right “hard”). Packing a shoe box that will also need to be dropped off at Green Valley might seem like an even bigger task at hand especially if you are keeping your social distance from others. We get it. Life is uncertain right now but really, when hasn’t it been? Do you know what is certain? What is constant? What will NOT change no matter pandemic, high water, election, etc., etc.? The Gospel. Jesus Christ. The message of the Cross. The dire need for the Gospel, Jesus Christ and the message of the Cross to be shared globally-to every soul because every soul matters. We know we are only one building, one small business, one dot on the map but we have you and you have so sacrificially helped us in years past and we come again this year asking you to pack a shoe box with us, whether that be physically or virtually. Both matter just as much as the other.

The Good News

We’ve created a ‘Shoebox Goal Page’ which will allow you to build your own shoebox from the safety and comfort of your own home and will help show the support that our customers give in helping Green Valley give to others. If you’re up to venturing out, don’t worry, we are still serving as a drop-off location this year through November 23. We would love to see your smiling faces, your brightly wrapped and packed shoe boxes that you hand-picked for some sweet little soul in mind. We will probably still even ask if we can take your picture by the tree and if you feel comfortable, we just might ask for a hug because friend, it’s been too long. It’s been a hard year. The dynamic of everyday life has drastically changed but with the hope we have in Christ I must ask you, does it really matter? It’s been a hard year but Jesus is coming…doesn’t that matter? It’s been a hard year but there are children all around the world just waiting for a glimmer of Hope that someone cares for them. It’s been a hard year but don’t we have Good News and Great Joy to share? Friend, it’s been a hard year but YES! Good News in Christ Jesus is abounding, Great Joy is busting at the seams for each and every person. The filled shoebox is not about the contents inside. The goal is not to give a gift that will one day perish if left outside, if lost, if damaged or stolen. The goal is to give life, to give love, to share of the Good News and Great Joy that we so freely are given in Christ Jesus. One that cannot perish, be lost, stolen or damaged. To give a gift that does not require something in return but that is given so freely and given with an expiration date that does not exist because it is eternal. It is ever-lasting. It is life-giving. Pack that shoe box, friend. Pack it full and whisper a prayer for safe travels and drop it at our door.

It’s been a hard year but……let’s share Jesus anyways.

3 ways to be part of the Good News & Great Joy!

In-Person Drop off at Green Valley

Drop your filled shoeboxes off at Green Valley anytime between now and November 23rd! We serve as a drop-off location for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes and we will ensure these make it in time for the next step in getting them where they belong. If you would prefer to not come inside, give us a phone call and we will meet you outside (mask on) to gather your box(es)! Should you feel comfortable coming inside, bring your box(es) to the front office and we might ask you if we can take your picture!

Sam & Priscilla shopping for Operation Christmas Child

Donate Items/Let Green Valley Shop for You!

We will also be collecting items for Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes. You can drop off any items to add to shoeboxes and we will package your donated items with boxes that may need a little something extra or we will make extra shoeboxes! You may also donate with cash or check to us and we will do the shopping for you in honor of you!

Build a Shoebox Online

On our Shoebox Goal page you can build your own shoebox virtually, online and choose from a variety of options that will allow you to choose what goes into your box! You may also make a monetary donation to aid in building more shoeboxes.

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