Navigating Your Way Through Online LIVE Auctions

At Green Valley Auctions we are always looking for new ways to improve our ability to reach anyone and everyone when it comes time for Auction day. We want to make sure that there are multiple ways that people can be involved in our auction and bid on items. For our April, 5 2019 auction we are offering a Live Online Auction that will take place during our evening session starting at 6:00 p.m. est. Unlike absentee bidding that allows you to place your maximum bid on an item, Online Live Auctions will allow you to bid from your computer while the auction is live. Although this approach seems easy and simple, there may be a few questions bidders have pertaining to how this would work.

First off, if you have never been a registered bidder with us through the program HiBid, you will need to go to our website at and find the link that will take you to our online auction website. Here is where you will register as a bidder. If you have registered with HiBid before, you may log into your account. If you are new to HiBid it will require you to create an account with them. When you register, it will ask you for a credit card. This essentially protects Green Valley Auctions to ensure that there are funds to pay for the item you may bid on in the future. Your card will not be charged until/if you are the successful bidder for an item.

During the live auction, from your computer or smart phone you will have access to knowing when a lot is up for sale. When bidding begins, your computer will update what the lot begins to sell for and you will have the option to press a button and bid what that specific lot is currently selling for. The computer will continue to update as the lot continues to sell and the selling price increases.

You may be wondering, who is bidding for me? How does the auctioneer know what my bid is? No worries. There is a specialized clerk here in our auction who will be watching at their own computer and intervening on your behalf to throw your bid to the auctioneer when and if you hit the bid button.

The great thing about an online live auction is that you will be able to know if you are the successful bidder as soon as the lot is sold. No waiting to get a call from Rich on a Monday after auction. Although we know those calls are highly anticipated come Monday! You will be notified immediately.

If you are not local to us, we do offer shipping for smaller items. If you cannot get to our auction house to pick up your items until a couple days after the sale, don’t worry. Your items will be here for you to pick up the following week. We will hold your items for a week and then they will be put into storage and you will be charged a storage fee.

There’s much more information to give you regarding this topic so to help out, we sat down with our owner and head auctioneer, Greg Evans in a Q&A video.

This video holds a bit more detailed information that we hope will make you feel more comfortable with learning how Online Live Auctions work. We are excited about this upcoming auction and very excited to expand our reach to new people and those of you who we won’t get to see on auction day due to other commitments.

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