Absentee bidding is a buzz activity here at Green Valley Auctions.  As an auction customer myself, I take full advantage of this well-orchestrated system on auction days, and I have taken home several impressive items for impressive low prices.

Also known as a “left bid,” an absentee bid is an easy way to participate in an auction while also practicing self-discipline (even though we think a little healthy competition is part of the fun), avoiding a crowd, or being caught-up at work or another activity elsewhere.

To leave an absentee bid, you simply come to Green Valley, stroll through our galleries to choose items that fit your fancy, and then make your way back to the front desk. A Green Valley employee will check you into the system, assign you an auction number, fill-out an absentee form, and then walk with you through the galleries to carefully record your favorite items and the top prices you would be willing to pay for each. You can also give us a call and be taken through the process remotely if you have a particular item in mind.

Green Valley employee helping a customer at Green Valley Auctions

Green Valley Auctions’ associate, Chris Southerly, takes Jason Burner’s absentee bids.

Jason Burner leaves absentee bids at almost every auction at Green Valley. “I enjoy coming to Green Valley Auctions – it’s an absolutely fantastic experience where everyone is polite and the environment is great! When I leave an absentee bid, I know it will be executed fairly and honestly. The bidding will not start at the amount I leave. Some auctions where I go, the bidding will start with the amount that I leave and that is not honest.”

Green Valley Employee & Customer posing for picture

I am a recent college graduate who still operates on a tight budget, and I will shout from the rooftops about how much money I have saved by shopping at Green Valley for household items and other décor. Repeatedly I have left an absentee bid and won the item for considerably less than the maximum hammer price I was willing to pay.

While I recommend getting into the true auction groove by visiting us on an auction Friday and jumping into live bidding, I also recommend absentee bidding as a wonderful resource for our customers.

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