About Hawassa Hope

Bringing Hope to Vulnerable Families

Hawassa Hope is a unique nonprofit organization that is based locally in the Shenandoah Valley and serves vulnerable children and families in Ethiopia. There are several ways to become involved in this organization: becoming a sponsor, donate a small business grant, provide a cow for a family, send money to the clean water projects, or support an orphanage.

You can find detailed information about helping women, children, and families with this organization on the Hawassa Hope website.   With the goal of helping families develop sustainable habits and have access to clean resources, Hawassa Hope accepts donations and affordably brings noticeable change to the Sidama region of Ethiopia.  Check-out our interview with the founders to learn more!

Ethiopian woman eating fresh fruits/vegetables in Ethiopia
Photo of 4 Ethiopian women

The Trip

The Evans Family and Hawassa Hope

Green Valley is going international in July as the Evans family joins Hawassa Hope in Ethiopia.  They have visited before, and felt the strong need to return. This year, Greg and Elizabeth will take their youngest sons on the trip with them. They acknowledge that the journey will both challenge and strengthen their faith.  If you would also like to support either the Evans' journey or Hawassa Hope directly, the family has a list of options.

They ask for your prayers; prayers for the teams who will be going on the trip, prayers for the hearts of those they will meet, prayers for the organization, and prayers for their family.

They ask for your donations; donations to Hawassa Hope (online) or to the family (to cover medical supplies, etc.).

They ask for you to come party; wait, what? Yes! In September, the family will be hosting a cookout at Green Valley Auctions to share their experiences with you and have a Q&A with the founders. Save the date: September 30, 2018 from 4PM-8PM. You're invited!

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