How Articulate is Your Auction House?

As the director of an auction house, creating insightful, accurate, and interesting ads for numerous trade publications, newspaper, and websites is a time consuming task. Since this work is done behind the scenes, consignors and bidders often don’t know the amount of man hours and research used to craft comprehensive auction ads. To create attention-grabbing advertisement requires a good bit of verbiage and knowledge!

Many auctioneers are not well-versed in what they are selling. For instance, an ad might list an item as a “crock.” Well, what kind of crock is it? A 1900s plain white 1-gallon crock; a Maryland Region cobalt, brushed decorated jar; or a rare 1870s Joseph Silber, Highland County, Virginia blue-banded water cooler barrel?

There is a large monetary difference between these three items. The white crock values at $10, the Maryland jar at $100, and the Joseph Silber example at $5000.

To generate the most money for the consignor and to draw-in a large audience, the auction house needs to be knowledgeable. Green Valley is that auction house!

Next time you read an auction ad and see “crock” listed, you’ll know how much effort the auction house truly put forth.

—Kent Botkin, Auction Director

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