Made from Scratch with Love

That is how I would describe the food served at our auctions by Our Daily Bread Café. With the exception of hotdogs, hamburgers, nachos, and French fries, everything truly is homemade. No cutting corners, no dumping something out of a prepared bag, and no need for a microwave—except to melt the butter.

The butter is kind of like the love that goes into every dish. It makes everything taste better. So what do I mean by made with love? I mean getting up at 4 AM to put the turkey in because a fresh sliced turkey sandwich brings back childhood memories of Thanksgiving. It means going back to work at 9 PM to get the pork out of the smoker and then back at 10 because it wasn’t quite ready. It means skipping the cookbooks and driving to Dayton to meet with Mrs. Meyerhoeffer to get her meatloaf recipe “because she makes the best meatloaf in the world.” It also means sharing recipes and swapping stories.

Homemade. From scratch. With love.

Imagine some of your closet friends are coming over for dinner: In effort to make it special, you would make dishes that you think they would most enjoy. I would say that summarizes Our Daily Bread Café. They prepare a meal for 300 of their closest friends who are coming over for dinner every two weeks. They invite you to the table from 11-4 on preview Thursdays and from 9 AM until the end (usually 8-9 PM) of the auction on Fridays.

We have now launched Our Daily Bread Café’s own web page. Visit it to find menus, recipes, stories, and more!

Staff Favorites

Greg—Chocolate Crème Pie

Elizabeth—any new experiment

Laura—Chicken Parmesan

Kent—Ham, Swiss & Poppy Seed Croissant Panini

Jessi—Chicken Pot Pie

Chris S.—Carrot Cake

Sherri—Chicken Breast in Sherry Mushroom Sauce

Rashod—Homemade Sweet Russian Dressing on Pork BBQ

Matt—Macaroni & Cheese with Oven Fried Chicken

Joe—Cheesy French Fries

Charla—Ham, Swiss & Poppy Seed Croissant Panini

Samuel—Macaroni & Cheese

Rich—Country Style Steak with Kale & Italian Sausage Soup

Michaela—Pork Carnitas

Debbie—Chicken Wrap or Chicken Parmesan

Katelyn—Cucumber and Onion Salad or Texas Potatoes

Megan—Bread Pudding and any Panini

E. Anne—Pasta with Marinara or Slaw with Pork BBQ

Brad—Chicken Parmesan

Scott—Peanut Butter Pie

Susan—Pork Loin

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